Moms Bringing Out the Best in Dads

Moms Bringing Out the Best in Dads

Teaming Up to Help Your Family Thrive

Jay Payleitner


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“…incredible opportunities to help your husband become the hero your children need.”
—Dannah Gresh

Every dad wants to lead his family with wisdom, strength, love, and laughter. An astute mom—like you—can make a huge difference when it comes to making that happen.

With Moms Bringing Out the Best in Dads, you’ll learn how to applaud and affirm the unique role a dad plays in his children’s lives and hearts. This book will encourage you to…
  • work and communicate with your husband to protect, shepherd, and empower your kids
  • nudge, sweet-talk, and motivate each other on this mission that must not fail
  • understand and appreciate your husband’s unique talents as a father—and identify how your own gifts can serve as a complement
You can do this…together! Moms Bringing Out the Best in Dads is a heartfelt celebration of the loving dads who are excited to invest in their families, and the self-assured moms who inspire their husbands to become the fathers they’ve always wanted to be.


Jay Payleitner:

Jay Payleitner is one of the top freelance Christian radio producers in the United States. He has worked on Josh McDowell Radio, Today's Father, Jesus Freaks Radio for the Voice of the Martyrs, Project Angel Tree with Chuck Colson, and many others. He’s also a popular speaker on parenting and marriage and the author of dozen-plus books, including the bestselling 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad, 52 Things Wives Need from a Husband, and 52 Things Sons Need from Their Dad; he also created “The Dad Manifesto.” Jay has also served as an AWANA director, a wrestling coach, and the executive director of the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative; he now partners with the National Center for Fathering, whose efforts he fosters and promotes. He and his wife, Rita, live near Chicago, where they’ve raised five great kids and loved on ten foster babies.