The Memory Book

The Memory Book

Janet Wiles, Judith Wiles


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You won't forget this book! THE MEMORY BOOK is packed with useful information and practical strategies to help keep your memory in tip-top shape.
There's nothing more frustrating than your memory letting you down. Perhaps you forget what you meant to do the minute you get up to do it, or you bump into your neighbours at the shops and you can't remember their names, or you can't think of a word that's on the tip of your tongue. Many of us worry it's a sign we're getting old - or worse, developing some form of dementia. Up-to-date with all the latest research and understanding about the brain, THE MEMORY BOOK is an indispensable guide that explains how memory works and why it fails us, and is brimming with practical tips and techniques to improve your memory and help you stay fresh and alert in the years ahead. Read this book to find out:

The differences between normal ageing and dementia

Whether old brains can form new connections

The best diet for promoting a good memory

Whether doing a crossword or going for a 20-minute walk is better for boosting memory

Why maintaining an active social life is so important for a healthy memory

Tricks for remembering people's names in social situations


Janet Wiles: