Stretching Your Way to a Pain-Free Life

Stretching Your Way to a Pain-Free Life

Illustrated Stretches for Sports, Medical Conditions and Specific Muscle Groups

Aaron Taylor


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You are asleep; your alarm abruptly awakes you. Your back sends a signal to your brain as you slowly roll over in bed to turn off that obnoxious noise. As you gingerly get out of bed, you are unable to straighten up. You have no idea that you are part of 80% of all Americans that will experience back pain, or that approximately 264 million days of work are lost each year and over $50 billion are spent annually treating back pain.

This book is designed to truly help anyone who suffers from aches and pains, wants to reduce stress and anxiety, or just wants better range of motion. The book is a practical resource containing pictures and descriptions of 283 different stretches as well as programs to follow for different sports and ailments. To round-out your health, included are healthy recipes that celebrity chef Stephanie Izard so graciously provided.

This book gives the individual a resource to follow and refer back to when they perform their daily stretching routine.