Sex and Virtue

Sex and Virtue

An Introduction to Sexual Ethics

John S. Grabowski


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“Grabowski offers a compelling rationale for the virtue of chastity that takes into account the sensibilities and challenges of the contemporary world” (Raymond Dennehy, Professor Emeritus, University of San Francisco).
“A welcome addition to an often contentious literature,” Sex and Virtue provides a theological foundation for consideration of the moral dimensions of human sexuality from a Roman Catholic perspective (Catholic Books Review). In the hope of contributing to the ongoing renewal of moral theology sparked by the Second Vatican Council, John S. Grabowski discusses the systemic application of biblical and virtue-based categories on the topic of sexuality. A number of issues are examined including: the historical setting regarding attitudes and practices concerning sexuality; key biblical, historical, and contemporary resources for articulating a virtue-based approach to sexual ethics; current issues with which such an approach must wrestle; and some description of how to foster growth in moral virtue, particularly chastity. Ultimately, Sex and Virtue offers a compelling vision of human sexuality in the light of Christian faith that can provide a viable alternative to dominant cultural ideologies that trivialize sex and concrete practices that can enable growth in moral freedom.
Sex and Virtue is a splendid result of Grabowski’s response to the call of Vatican II to find scriptural support for Catholic moral teaching. The ecumenical potential of this book is tremendous; Christians can only marvel at the resources in scripture for establishing sexual morality—a morality that puts sexuality in service of love, life, and salvation.” —Janet E. Smith, former professor of moral theology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary of Detroit


John S. Grabowski:
John S. Grabowski is associate professor of moral theology and ethics at the Catholic University of America.