Stand Up and Be Heard

Stand Up and Be Heard

Taking the Fear Out of Public Speaking at University

Rob Grieve


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Public speaking is an integral skill not only in study but in life, yet giving presentations, oral assessments, or even talking in groups is a terrifying prospect for many students. This book is filled with tips and tricks cultivated through Rob Grieve’s experience in running public speaking workshops at university. 

Taking the fear out of public speaking at university, he teaches you how to develop your public speaking skills and build your confidence; so whether you’re giving a presentation or just talking with friends you can face the situation without fear. 

With a unique focus on ‘authenticity’ over perfection, Stand Up and be Heard:

  • Helps you identify and understanding your fear; what is it that you are most afraid of? How does this fear manifest
  • Provides practical exercises and strategies that will help you manage your fear 
  • Teaches you the benefits of ‘authentic’ speaking and relying on your own voice and personality
  • Offers checklists, step-by-step guidance and student testimonials to support your growth.

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Rob Grieve:

Dr Rob Grieve is a senior lecturer in Physiotherapy at the University of the West of England and a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). As a person with a mild stammer, he has found that his many years of teaching have been hugely beneficial in the successful self-management of his speech dysfluency and public speaking fear. The authenticity approach advocated in this book is central to his learning and teaching practice. He has presented nationally at learning and teaching conferences and at other universities on this approach to supporting students with a fear of public speaking. Apart from physiotherapy teaching and research, he is actively involved in running workshops and support for students who have a fear of public speaking. In 2017, he was presented with the Vice Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Student Enabling award for his student ‘Stand Up and Be Heard’ Workshops.