Interpreter-Mediated Interactions of the Courtroom

Interpreter-Mediated Interactions of the Courtroom

A Naturally Occurring Data Based Study

Agnieszka Biernacka


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Court interpreting understood as services provided for court stakeholders and court’s private clients is a subdiscipline which has emerged as an area of investigation within Interpreting Studies. Although the research in court interpreting has been enjoying prominence at an international level, there are still aspects of the profession which need further analysis. This book is aimed at presenting qualitative research into court interpreting in Poland, and in particular, where the Polish-English and (to a lesser extent) Polish-Spanish language pairs are involved. The study pertains to the descriptive research into court interpreting where the interpreter is perceived as an active participant in the interaction obliged to satisfy the principles of professional ethics.


Agnieszka Biernacka:

Agnieszka Biernacka is a legal translator and interpreter, court interpreting researcher and trainer at the Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, Poland, as well as author of a monography on court interpreting and of papers on court interpreting and legal translation. She also is a member of several professional organizations (PSH, AESLA, EST).