The Public Speaking Playbook

The Public Speaking Playbook

Teri Kwal Gamble, Michael W. Gamble


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The Public Speaking Playbook shows students how to prepare, practice, and present their public speeches with the highest level of confidence. With a focus on actively building skills, Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael W. Gamble coach students in the fundamentals of the public speaking process, using engaging learning modules that allow students to practice—and improve—their public speaking. The streamlined Third Edition of this best-selling text succinctly highlights the most important content and essential skills, and includes new annotated speeches to promote a deeper understanding of effective speech building. The text’s inclusive and unique playbook analogy encourages students to think critically about what it means to "play fair" in public speaking, with a focus on diversity, ethics, and civic engagement. 

INSTRUCTORS: The Public Speaking Playbook is accompanied by a complete teaching and learning package! Contact your rep to request a demo.
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