Industrial Hygiene Simplified

Industrial Hygiene Simplified

A Guide to Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Workplace Hazards

Frank R. Spellman


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Recognized as an authoritative treatment of an important subject area, and presented in a conversational and straightforward style, Industrial Hygiene Simplified, Second Edition is an updated edition of the original, well-received textbook. Industrial Hygiene Simplified is valuable and accessible for use by those involved in such disciplines as industrial technology, manufacturing technology, industrial engineering technology, occupational safety, management, and supervision. This book is ideal for those needing a refresh on industrial hygiene concepts and practices they may not use regularly, as well as those practitioners preparing for the Certified Industry Hygiene (CIH) exam.

Because it is a dynamic discipline, there is no question about the field of industrial hygiene having undergone significant change over the past four decades. Some of the reasons for this change include technological innovations that have introduced new hazards in the workplace, increased pressure from regulatory agencies, realization by industrial executives that a safe and healthy workplace is typically a more productive and litigious-free workplace, skyrocketing health care and worker’s compensation costs, and increased pressure from environmental groups and the public.

These factors have created a need for an up-to-date and user-friendly book in industrial hygiene that contains the latest information for those who practice this profession in the age of high technology and escalating on-the-job injuries with accompanying increased health care costs.

New features in the second edition of
Industrial Hygiene Simplified include:

  • Presentation in lesson format
  • End-of-chapter review questions
  • "Did You Know" pertinent facts
  • Applicable and important math operations


Frank R. Spellman:
Frank R. Spellman, PhD, is a retired assistant professor of environmental health at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, and the author of more than 109 books covering topics ranging from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to all areas of environmental science and occupational health. Many of his texts are readily available online, and several have been adopted for classroom use at major universities throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Russia; two have been translated into Spanish for South American markets

He holds a BA in public administration, a BS in business management, an MBA, and an MS and PhD in environmental engineering.