Perfect7Daily Salads

Perfect7Daily Salads

An Anti-Inflammatory Guide For Women Over Forty-Five

Sharon DiRusso


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Perfect7Daily Salads is the author's solution to reduce age-related arthritis and overcome the challenges of healthy eating. Written for women (and men) over age forty-five who struggle with similar age-related chronic inflammation when nothing else works. This book introduces a step-by-step guide through a new anti-inflammatory diet that promotes the reduction of inflammation in the body while still enjoying some of your favorite foods.


Sharon DiRusso:
Sharon DiRusso is a Registered MRI Technologist and former Bone Densitometry Technologist. She worked as an MRI Technologist in California, from 2018 until 2020 when she and her family relocated to the state of Tennessee. Sharon is a 2017 graduate of Casa Loma College, Van Nuys, CA where she received an Associates Degree in MRI Sciences. She is licensed by the American Registry of Radiology Technologists and the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists. More recently, Sharon works as a self-proclaimed anti-inflammatory diet consultant and helps women reduce their inflammation with a diet plan called Perfect7Daily Salads. Sharon spent most of her adult career as an executive assistant for both large and small companies. Before relocating to California in 2015, Sharon was a small business owner of granola manufacturing company, Sharon’s Granola, LLC located in Derry, New Hampshire, from 2011—2015. Sharon and her granola products made a guest appearance on Cook’s Corner at WMUR-TV in Manchester, New Hampshire. Sharon’s Granola sold granola products throughout New England, across the country, and in four major Whole Foods Markets from 2014 through 2015. Sharon has been an advocate of health education and promoted her granola products as a diabetic-friendly snack alternative. Sharon’s latest endeavor as an author of a new anti-inflammatory diet offers a message of hope for women over age forty-five who are in need of an alternative anti-inflammatory diet that works. She has helped several friends, family, and other women gain control of their inflammation due to diet-related choices. Her book helps guide women to make better, more sustainable dietary choices so that they can work toward longevity with reduced inflammation. Sharon was led to write this book after she received a diagnosis of age-related osteoarthritis in 2018. And, rather than take medications for the rest of her life, Sharon set out to research diet-related solutions for arthritis. She came across a specific type of dark, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables, created an anti-inflammatory diet program for women over age forty-five and never looked back. She only wishes she had written this book before her dad’s passing in 2017. Although Sharon was born and raised in Massachusetts, she now resides in Tennessee. She is a member of the Dot sisterhood with Polka Dot Powerhouse. An avid exerciser, she enjoys step aerobics and running an occasional 5k. She is thankful that she’s able to keep exercising and spending time with friends and family, and running around with her two dogs, Milo and Fiona because she discovered her solution to sustain an anti-arthritis, anti-inflammatory diet and is excited to share it with other women. This is Sharon's first publication as an author and as creator of Perfect7Daily Salads.