Code Blue

Code Blue

Anita Waller


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“OMG . . . hit me like a sledgehammer! My heart seemed to stop beating and I was left reeling! . . . I read it from beginning to end in one sitting.” —Goodreads reviewer, five stars

Five years after a couple’s life was shattered, the Connection Agency tries to bring them peace in a twist-filled mystery by the author of Blood Red . . .
Five years ago, John and Caroline Coates were happily expecting the birth of twin girls, until an intruder ended their hopes and dreams.
Now, John has come to the Connection Agency, asking for their help in tracking down the man who caused them such grief.
Back then, Tessa’s involvement was cut short when the cold case department quickly took over. This is the chance for her and Luke to follow the facts and finally lay this case to rest. With the rest of the Connection team busy with other jobs, Tessa and Luke, alongside DI Eileen Haughton, an old colleague of Tessa’s from her police days, steadily follow the clues to an ending they could never have imagined—revealing a truth that could either bring the Coateses the peace they crave or take them to further depths of despair . . .