River Bending

River Bending

Poems on the Delaware River and Her Tributaries

N. Thomas Johnson-Medland


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Rivers are not only about themselves and the way they curve and cut across landscapes and time, but about an overall geology of the soul that goes on in each life--all life. Carrying things into our lives and away from our lives is just one of the mysteries of rivers and the tributaries that build them. These poems of life and living in the precincts of the Delaware River and her tributaries underscore the relationship that we have with the wetness, power, passion, shape, and presence of waters in our lives. Take a dip and be changed. Open yourself to their wonder.


N. Thomas Johnson-Medland:
Tom has had over fifty articles and poems published across a variety of journals and magazines. He has also has seventeen books published to date - eleven of these are volumes of poetry. The most recent volume River Bending: Poems of the Delaware River and Her Tributaries, published with Wipf and Stock Publishers. You can read more about Tom and his works at https://linktr.ee/tomjm.poet