Understanding Research for Business Students

Understanding Research for Business Students

A Complete Student′s Guide

Jonathan Wilson


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Are you conducting business research for the first time and aren′t sure where to begin? This book gives you everything you need to successfully complete your research project.


From choosing a direction for your research and considering ethics to data collection and presenting your results, it offers straightforward guidance on every step of the research process. Covering topics such as social media research, group working and how to research your own organisation, it provides a thorough view of research for business and management students.


The book:

  • Enables you visualise how each stage of research links to the next, and makes sure you don′t miss a step with a handy ′Research Project Wheel′
  • Empowers you to increase your employability and develop transferable skills, such as proposal writing and data analysis
  • Provides student research examples that show common challenges you might face - and how to address them.

Key features include research snapshots, offering short how-to examples for doing real research, and concept cartoons, which put forward different views about research so you can broaden your knowledge. It also has end-of-chapter questions, online multiple choice questions and Kahoot! questions so you can test your understanding. 

Guiding you through working with and understanding both primary and secondary data, this book is the perfect companion for any undergraduate conducting a business and management research project.