Africa 2022–2023

Africa 2022–2023

Francis Wiafe-Amoako


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The World Today Series: Africa provides students with vital information on all countries on the African continent through a thorough and expert overview of political and economic histories, current events, and emerging trends. Each country is examined through the following sections: Basic Facts; Land and People; The Past: Political and Economic History; The Present: Contemporary Issues; and The Future. In addition to country chapters, the book features extended essays on Africa’s Historical Background and the Colonial Period. The combination of factual accuracy and up-to-date detail along with its informed projections make this an outstanding resource for researchers, practitioners in international development, media professionals, government officials, potential investors and students. The content is thorough yet perfect for a one-semester introductory course or general library reference. Available in both print and e-book formats and priced low to fit student and library budgets.


Francis Wiafe-Amoako:

Francis Wiafe-Amoako is an instructor in International relations and security, international development, comparative politics and African politics at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University in Canada. His research focuses on migration and security issues, conflict management and post-conflict stability, institutional design, and the democratization process in Africa. He is also the Director of The Center for Sustained Domestic Security and Development (CESDOSED). The Center’s main goal is the development of unique and viable institutions for stability and development in Africa.