My Child Has What?

My Child Has What?

Case Studies of Common Illnesses and Problems That Five- to Twelve-Year-Old Children Face

Janet L. Stafford M.D.


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This collection of twelve case studies featuring common childhood illnesses and problems of children aged five to twelve is a must have for anyone who wants to help children.
Janet L. Stafford, M.D., highlights stories based on real clinic visits, including diagnosis, causes, and how various problems can be treated. She also shares follow-up assessments of children after treatment.
The illnesses and problems include everything from autism to obesity, headaches, asthma, seizures, attention deficit disorder, and recurrent abdominal pain.
She also highlights more sensitive topics, such as a five-year-old girl acting in a sexual manner with classmates and a seven-year-old boy whose short stature does not sit well with his family members, who are passionate about athletics.
Other case studies include a 10-year-old girl who is overwhelmed by her parents’ divorce and a nine-year-old boy who wets his bed but wants to go to camp.
The case presentations are geared for families, teachers, nurses, therapists, and anyone who wants to help children as they develop physically and neurologically.


Janet L. Stafford M.D.:

Janet L. Stafford, M.D., is a retired board-certified pediatrician with more than thirty years of experience. She worked at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, diagnosing and treating problems in infants and children. She has taught medicine to Kaiser and UCSF medical students and residents. She was raised in Michigan and graduated from University of Michigan before working in Chicago as a medical and laboratory technician and returning to the U of M for a Master of Social Work.  She went on to graduate from University of California Davis Medical School and completed a three-year residency in pediatrics. She has been married fifty years and has four sons.