Mia Discovers Rome

Mia Discovers Rome

Alexandria Pereira


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Note to Parents I designed The Mystery of History series to promote self-discovery and admiration within young children. These books bring to life the great civilizations humanity has created and puts them in perspective for a young child, just as my grandma did for me. This is the third book in the series for children ages three to nine. This volume provides a history of Rome and its people. About the Series The series is centered on family and community as well as discovery and innovation. Its composition promotes intellectual curiosity and an excitement for history. The set starts with Book 1, Mia Discovers Italy: The Mystery of History; an overview of the country as a whole. Each of the next three books explores a city, giving the child the history of that city within the greater country and focusing on human needs in order of hierarchy. Book 2, Mia Discovers Venice: The Mystery of History, focuses on the need for food, shelter, and defense. Book 3, Mia Discovers Rome: The Mystery of History, focuses on the ability to work together to solve conflicts and to develop workable rules and government. Book 4, Mia Discovers Florence: The Mystery of History, focuses on the need for art, culture, and innovation. Look for the other country sets currently in process.