The Ancient Chinese Art of Finding Peace and Fulfilment

Yen Ooi


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A beautiful book explaining and exploring the Ancient Chinese philosophy of Rén and its positive message of compassion and kindness.

The Chinese character for Rén combines the word for 'person' and the number 'two', representing human connection. And in the teachings of ancient philosopher Confucius, Rén is the study of our relationship with those around us.

In this accessible and beautiful book, Yen Ooi explains the various facets of Rén and explores how this philosophy applies to everything from our relationship with ourselves and the people in our lives, to how we relate to society and the wider world.

She shows us how, using the basic principles of Rén and through simple changes to our lives, we can connect better with friends, family and colleagues, become helpful members of society and find fulfilment in ideas of community, justice, morality and compassion.

And, ultimately, how to become happier human beings.


Yen Ooi:

Yen Ooi is a writer-researcher whose works explore cultural storytelling and its effects on identity. She is currently working towards her PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London, specialising in the development of Chinese science fiction by diaspora writers and writers from Chinese-speaking nations. Her research delves into the critical inheritance of culture that permeates across the genre.

Her latest project, Road to Guangdong is a narrative-style driving game that highlights the Chinese culture through story puzzles that is weaved into family interactions. Yen is also author of Sun: Queens of Earth (novel) and A Suspicious Collection of Short Stories and Poetry (collection). When she's not writing, Yen is a lecturer at Westminster University's MA Creative Writing course, and a mentor in marketing and publishing.