Redds Finds New Friends

Redds Finds New Friends

Tired of Being Treated with Disdain, This Squirrel Sets out on a Mission to Find New Friends

Deon Thompson


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Teased, mistreated, bullied, sad, dejected, and depleted are just some of the words to describe this lonely, friendless squirrel called Redds. He tries to please his friends, but they cannot see the beauty in the love and kindness he shows them. They have no misgivings about showing their rude and biased behavior toward him. It does not take him long to realize that his mean friends are not about to change, despite all he does for them. Enough! He thinks. And as he sits in bed one night, a beautiful idea lights up his face: he needs new friends. And that is exactly what he sets out on a journey to find. Discover the possibilities that can happen when we are hungry for change.


Deon Thompson:
I am aspiring to be a best-selling author. Born in the parish of Manchester in Jamaica, I escaped several near-death situations as a child. I worked as an insurance underwriter in Jamaica, obtained an associate’s degree in business administration at Northern Caribbean University, and am currently pursuing an entrepreneurial course at Entre Institute. I have been told I have a jovial spirit with an uncanny ability to make people laugh. While admirable, I hope that’s not the entirety of the story. I want my words and actions to bear irrevocable testimony that I am indeed a child of God. Authoring impactful books is a passion of mine—this is the first in a planned series of three.