Eli the Praying Squirrel

Eli the Praying Squirrel

Regina Holder


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This is a story of what we all can learn. It's not just for kids. Just take time to look around when you're outside and see what's there and what creation and the beauty of our great big world can show you and teach you and me. And, wow, it showed me and reminded me every day that I just need to look.

Maybe children will learn from it, but their parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters will too. Just listen and open your eyes, and what's there will amaze you. Our Lord Jesus put this story in my mind and on paper. I could never have written this. He did. Jesus gets credit for this writing.

Enjoy and be ready. You're never going to hear how you can learn like this.

The drawings featured in this book are by my sister-in-law, Buffy Ellis.