Do You Remember the Last Dragon of the Sea?

Do You Remember the Last Dragon of the Sea?

Prof. Joe Arthur


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In this story--which is part of Prof. J. Arthur's Sea Kids series--we find Mr. Marcus telling a story that was told to him not so long ago. It is the story of The Last Dragon of the Sea, or perhaps and hopefully it is not necessarily the very last one. In this story, Joe helps young people discover that most fears are not as bad as they are first thought to be and that we are never really as alone as we think we are.

In this hopeful and joyful story, Joe helps young people develop their imagination and think about the fact that extinction is forever, and that there are good things that we can do to help prevent that end. All are welcomed and even invited to escape to this world and time when there were still dragons. This may be a hard lesson, but this is told in such an action-packed, fun way that the learners are emersed in this story, and not aware that they are making important discoveries until that moment when they wake from this visit from this seashore of the last dragon of the sea.

Perhaps after reading this story, you will remember the last dragon of the sea, and you too will want to keep all the living things the way they are intended to be.

Stay strong, stay healthy, be great, be the miracle, please.

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