A Deadly Affair

A Deadly Affair



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When Sage Davidson is propositioned by a longtime crush, she does not take him seriously. First of all, he is a married man, and has always claimed to be a loyal husband. Secondly, he is the best friend of Sage's ex-fiance. However, with some very sensual persuasion, River Phillips convinces Sage to engage in an affair with him, which quickly becomes the most exciting, erotic, and intense relationship that either them have ever been in.

However, as their flames burn higher and their intense passion threatens to consume them both, changes have to be made, affecting both of them, and their relationship.

Soon after, Carl James, River's best friend / Sage's ex-fiance, returns to town with his own life changing proclamation. Sage's life is instantly turned upside down, and River's begins to crash and burn, with the events that Carl puts into play. Even though River cannot handle the passionate mess that he has created with Sage, for the time being, the last thing that he wants, is for her and Carl to become involved again. He knows very good and well, the Carl is the only person who can hold Sage's passion and love, maybe more than himself; thusly, he would lose her forever.