Paths and Passages to Conquering Chronic Pain

Paths and Passages to Conquering Chronic Pain

A True Story and a Nine Process Guide to Emotionally and Mentally Conquer Your Chronic Pain

D. G. Fraser


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Paths and Passages to Conquering Chronic Pain is a guide for learning to change how you let your pain mentally and emotionally affect you. D. G. Fraser looks back at his eighteen-year journey living with chronic pain, including how it changed his normal life into one of fear, chaos and turmoil. How his pain brought him from almost taking his own life, to embracing the value of the blessings and inner strength that his physical pain has brought him to find within himself. As you read his story, you’ll learn how to: apply a nine step healing processes on a journey of healing; end the cycles of negativity in your life; heal and grow in ways you may have never expected; guide and help others who are battling physical pain. The author also shares how he underwent three very painful surgeries on his cervical neck and spine. He also had one-third of his right lung removed and underwent a life-saving surgery that involved sawing his face in half to open his airway. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or illness or you care for someone who is fighting such a battle, you’ll discover ways to grow and heal with Paths and Passages to Conquering Chronic Pain.


D. G. Fraser:
D. G. Fraser, a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, enjoyed a successful career as a hotel banquets manager and director until his ill health and chronic pain ended his career. He has spent the past eighteen years learning about and examining how chronic pain emotionally and mentally affects him, and then conquering and healing himself within his pain. He is currently working on his second book, Inner Healing: An In-Depth Guide to Conquering Chronic Pain.