Monte Carlo Calculations in Nuclear Medicine (Second Edition)

Monte Carlo Calculations in Nuclear Medicine (Second Edition)

Therapeutic applications


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This book covers the applications of Monte Carlo (MC) calculations in therapeutic nuclear medicine from basic principles, to computer implementations of software packages and their applications in radiation dosimetry and treatment planning in targeted radionuclide therapy. The different chapters describe the fundamental concepts of nuclear and hybrid imaging instrumentation and quantitative imaging, internal radiation dosimetry and radiobiology aspects of targeted radionuclide therapy, then discuss the various components and steps required for implementing a dose calculation and treatment planning methodology in targeted radionuclide therapy. Some computer programs are described and illustrated with some useful features and clinical applications. The book is suitable for Scientists working in academic or industrial environments focusing on translational research and therapeutic nuclear medicine and radiology.

Key Features:

  • Well-known scientists and pioneers in the field will contribute and share recent findings in their specific research areas (different chapters of this book).
  • Unique reference in the field (no other book covering material presented in this book).
  • Each chapter is followed by detailed list of references and suggested readings related the specific subject.
  • Popular computer programs (e.g. OLINDA) are explained in detail and some examples of radiation dose calculations given. Other in-house developed software packages are also described.