Living Free! - 40th Anniversary Edition

Living Free! - 40th Anniversary Edition

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Confidence and Personal Power

Bob Trask


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In this 40th Anniversary Edition, author Bob Track shares with you the same methods for success that he has taught tens of thousands of others over the past forty years since he first wrote Living Free!

Here you will find the latest and best techniques for eliminating self-defeat, unnecessary guilt and resentment. You will discover how to arrange your life so that you feel rested and refreshed…and energized while winning all the time.

Begin today to harness the incredible power of your subconscious mind in overcoming addictions, strengthening friendships and building self-confidence.

Let Bob teach you how to build a happier, more successful life and start LIVING FREE!

BOB TRASK is the founder of ARAS (Acceptance, Respect, Affection, Support) and is an international author, speaker, spiritual philosopher and coach to world leaders. His vast life experiences and wisdom, combined with his unique talent for designing programs to empower and enlighten, quickly elevated Bob to the role of personal-coach and trainer. He knows that full and satisfying lives result neither from circumstance nor inheritance: fulfillment, he teaches, is the reward of those with the ability to dream, and with the clarity, courage and confidence to go after those dreams.

Bob is at home on radio and TV, as well as with live audiences. His personal experiences lend depth and credibility to his teachings, leaving his audiences feeling inspired and rewarded. Bob's personal, poignant, entertaining style presents itself so that the consciousness of his listeners is expanded in a fun, upbeat way.


Bob Trask:
Bob Trask founded ARAS in 1978. Until that time he had been a firefighter, actor, singer, emergency medical technician, scuba diving instructor, wilderness guide, master sea captain, and always a writer and personal coach whose clear perspectives of reality and natural caring helped many people uplift their lives.