M. J. Cole


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This book is a collection of life experiences that involve family and close friends. It also involves a love of nature, as well as a unique sense of humor that, too, is filled with love. Those who share in these adorations will enjoy reading this book and hopefully be inspired to reread it and/or share it.


M. J. Cole:
This author expresses wit and endearment with the writing of this book. The poems enclosed are from life experiences and natural observations that moved and inspired this writing. Family gatherings, as well as fun time spent with family, offers so many funny moments. These moments, in reflection, provide anecdotal memories that allows any underlying meanings to be visible in retrospect. There is many hours spent reminiscing, while looking out the window and enjoying a drink of some kind. Reflecting while focusing on what's happening in the present moment. One could be watching the leaves fall in autumn, or the snow pile on the lawn. Reflections come in different forms, but always leave an impression on our hearts and minds. It's up to each of us to remember and choose to share.