Everything, Briefly

Everything, Briefly

A Postmodern Philosophy

Thomas O. Scarborough


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"As a man thinks, so is he." Personally, and socially, so is he. Yet if this is true, then "as a man thinks" has led us into the thick of global crisis. What exactly is it, about our thinking, that fails us? What has gone so wrong? There are firm reasons why we may hope for new direction. Firstly, we have a new view of the connectedness of all things. Never before has this encompassed so much. It makes a crucial difference to philosophy. Secondly, when we recast philosophy's high-level concepts in more concrete terms, it becomes possible to discuss them without confusion. This is the method of this book. There is much of interest for the theologian, too. Legendary film director Ingmar Bergman once wrote, "What will happen to us who want to believe, but can not?" His "can not" had to do with what Professor Karen Barad calls the "hegemony of physics". Everything, Briefly details why it is impossible, in fact, to believe in a closed universe of cause and effect.


Thomas O. Scarborough:
Thomas O. Scarborough is a philosophy editor and Congregational minister. He holds two postgraduate degrees in three fields: linguistics, theology, and global leadership (including global dynamics and global thought). Published in peer-reviewed journals in six fields, he is also an inventor and prize-winning designer. His innovations include RFL-class logic and CCO-class metal detectors.