Da Beast Bearrilla


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This is a book of poetry as well as music for coming albums from Renaldo " Da Beast Bearrilla " Gary. Urban music and poetry are frowned upon at times, creating a barrier in breakdown or understanding. These lyrics and poems are being shared to give vivid imagery of urban life in which some lives are based on. Coming from this and other walks me life, through perils of myself and others comes the paintings to your minds canvas. Consider lyric a prelude to a sensual stunning display of talent showing you there is more to life for lower and middle class than jail, struggle, and strife through life’s tribulations. Keep in mind while reading, you are to examine the negative to focus on the positive. From there selections will come the double disc debut album name DVD. 727, 813, 941, 239, 305, 786, 313, 242, 876 better yet nation and worldwide stand up!!


Da Beast Bearrilla:
Renaldo " Da' Beast Bearrilla " Gary born February 5, 1982 a breaking artist with an entrepreneurial mindset. This book is the preview to later up and coming albums starting with the double disc debut. Coming from hard times to show guidance as a father through leading by example. My daughter I must say I love you and I hope you are ready to see the World. This has been a while coming and as I have stated before, World stand up!!!! 727 Stand up!!!