Downloading Divinity

Downloading Divinity

Jay Finne


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A mysterious hand has offered humanity a gift. The choice to accept or pass up on this gift is completely up to you. However you probably won’t be able to ignore it easily. The gift has puzzled many, and empowered many. It’s been vilified by politicians and bankers. It’s been glorified amongst its users and ignited a revolution that cannot be stopped. It’s the gift of hard money, unassailable property rights, a trustless accounting system, a digital bearer asset and an alternative option to the currencies of nation states. Its short name is Bitcoin. Unfortunately there is no short answer that could fully convey how it is changing our world because it’s doing so in more ways than I can sum into a brief punchline. If you were just looking for a short catchphrase then well the best I got is…“Fix the money. Fix the world!” But if you have time to understand how it's fixing our world you might enjoy this book!