Literacy Triangle

Literacy Triangle

50+ High-Impact Strategies to Integrate Reading, Discussing, and Writing in K–8 Classrooms (Your guide to high-impact teaching strategies for the strategic reader.)

LeAnn Nickelson, Melissa Dickson


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Accelerate learning with high-impact strategies. Beginning and veteran teachers alike will find insights and practices they can use immediately. The authors dovetail their proven instructional process of chunk, chew, check, change with before-, during-, and after-reading strategies in this must-have guide for powerful literacy instruction. No matter what content area you teach, this book will help you develop the strategic reader in every student.

K–8 teachers who are interested in high-impact teaching strategies will:
  • Learn how to incorporate the literacy triangle's three points—reading, discussing, and writing—into instruction for any subject
  • Cut through the conflict caused by the reading wars and gain clarity on the science behind effective, well-rounded literacy instruction
  • Help students enjoy reading, gain comprehension, and build reading stamina
  • Get differentiation ideas for scaffolding and enriching each strategy using best practices in literacy instruction
  • Discover how to engage students in opportunities for making meaning, choosing texts, and leading discussions
  • Understand how setting a student's purpose for reading can encourage focus, engagement, deeper conversations, and a motivation to keep reading with literacy strategies

Part 1: Planning for Quality Literacy Instruction
Chapter 1: Teaching Literacy Effectively
Chapter 2: Choosing the "Right" Text
Chapter 3: Using the Literacy Triangle to Drastically Improve Literacy
Part 2: Implementing Quality Literacy Instruction
Chapter 4: Preparing for Success--Before Reading
Chapter 5: Staying Focused on the Goal--During Reading
Chapter 6: Consolidating With Discussion and Writing--After Reading
Chapter 7: Bringing It All Together
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