The Colors of a Country

The Colors of a Country

Dreams and Nightmares

Sebastián Velásquez


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"The Colors of a Country" is a book of poems that shows off the enormous beauty of Colombia, but also its great contradictions, like violence and armed conflict.
With this book I am trying to bring awareness to the reader about our true riches and the absurdity of war.
It is a short book written from the heart and it is an invitation to heal old wounds and to see our regions and our people from a different perspective.


Sebastián Velásquez:
Hello! My name is Sebastián and it is my pleasure to be able to share my writings with the world. In recent years, I have had the opportunity to travel throughout South American and it is something I am deeply thankful for because it unexpectedly changed my way of thinking. I met many interesting people I visited many beautiful and colorful places.
I think now I am more understanding and compassionate and my love for writing has only intensified. Sometimes life gives you a second chance. I was given one such chance to realize that ego is just like a rock in your shoe; when you are free of it, you can walk with a smile and take in your surroundings, and later, write about and share all of the beauty that you saw.