Dekoboko Sugar Rush! - Extra

Dekoboko Sugar Rush! - Extra


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Rui has his first at-home date with Yuujiro in two weeks! But he's found himself in a bit of a pickle — having promised to go without seeing each other during the exam period so as to better focus on their studies, Rui has been spending his time away from Yuujiro stressing and eating way too many sweets. Now, he's feeling a bit self-conscious about seeing Yuujiro again. Yuujiro, on the other hand, couldn't be more excited!

Dekoboko Sugar Rush! is a delicious and dirty bonus story about the sugary-sweet love between a short-statured manly man and his tall, soft and fluffy boyfriend!

- Mature content meant for readers aged 18 years and up.
- This is a 40-page bonus chapter only available in digital formats.