Canis: Dear Hatter, Volume 1

Canis: Dear Hatter, Volume 1



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After taking him in on that rainy day, the mysterious Ryo now lives with the mad hatter, Kutsuna. With his stellar staff's help, business has been booming. However, one fateful day, Kutsuna's rival and long-time friend Gotou informs him that he has been entered into New York Fashion Week. Initially Kutsuna was hesitant to travel, but over time he steels his resolve. Once in New York, Kutsuna encounters some of Ryou old acquaintances...


ZAKK (also known as Hachi Ishie) is a manga artist and graphic designer from Japan. While best known for their work on the CANIS series, they have recently worked with Disney to release Cruella: Black, White, and Red  an adaptation of the Emma Stone film. Their art also appears on a number of novels from Kodansha Ltd.