Let's Get UnStuck!

Let's Get UnStuck!

Nina Wilson, MS PCC


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Are you living with elephants, excuses, self-sabotage, and other snags that keep you stuck? Let's Get UnStuck! will help you move all these out of your way to the life God intended you to live! Nina gives you golden nuggets that actually work regardless of your age, status, or circumstances.

Master communicator, professional life coach, ordained minister, Nina Wilson uses biblical principles, her life experiences, including a chapter dedicated to her daughter De'ja, who is in heaven, and everyday practical wisdom to show you how to put the "kick" in your buts.

Nina inspires you to eliminate unproductive habits and to recognize and move that "elephant"--the one you see but don't see--out of the middle of the room, with time-tested and simple but effective action steps.

She champions what matters the most, which is you doing what you are meant to do and doing it as your best you!