Help for the Hurting Family

Help for the Hurting Family

Building Strong Families in a Chaotic World

Larry E. Banta M.D.


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Families are the foundation of our culture and an integral part of our churches, but they face attacks from the world, the flesh, and Satan.

Larry E. Banta, M.D., an experienced psychiatrist subspecialized in child and adolescent psychiatry, explores how to build a strong family in a chaotic world. He answers questions such as:

Why is building a strong family an essential component of the Christian experience?

How can we structure and maintain a family that will withstand the pressures of life and come out strong?

Why should ministry to the family be one of the main activities of the local church?

Often, parents are unable to fulfill the purpose of a family, or do not know how to build a strong family. This leaves children unable to secure a firm identity and self-concept. They often don’t see the purpose of leaving home and being on their own, taking on the adult responsibilities of family and a job.

Learn to build the family on the strong foundation of the Word of God and take on family challenges that the church sometimes misses with the wisdom in Help for the Hurting Family.


Larry E. Banta M.D.:

Larry E. Banta, M.D. is a psychiatrist with subspecialty in child and adolescent psychiatry. He works at a hospital-based clinic and also consults with children’s homes and childcare agencies. He has provided family seminars in several countries. He has more than thirty years of experience working with traumatized and displaced children and has served as a missionary in Kenya and Mexico. He lives with his wife, Evelyn, in Boise, Idaho.